Why have a video on your first page?

Imagine that you surfing the web with the objective of finding a good hotel to stay in. First things you want to know are: location, price and how the rooms are.

The two first you can show in the first second that the person lands on the website but what if the price you charge and the location you are in are the key elements from the awesome experience that you can provide for your costumer? How can he know everything you can offer in the fraction of the time that he clicks your website?

You need something that captures their attention providing them exactly what you want them to think about you and in a short period of time. Thats where the video comes into play (not intended joke).

Let’s dive into it!

1. Break your most relevant aspects down so a kid can understand

People don’t want to read pages and pages explaining all the benefits to find one that is going to make their decision. They might do it if they got a good referral from your services or have time to search for it with patience.

Let’s be honest, everyone today has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) because of all the information that is poured in our faces everyday. So make their life easy by breaking it down to a level that even a 4 year old would understand.

2. It’s like you are having a personal conversation

The video can give you a better chance when competing with all the other million solicitations because it doesn’t require much willpower from your audience and in your clients minds is like they are having a personal conversation that can end any time but with graphics and sounds that makes them hooked waiting for the next bit.

3. Awesome first impression

By having all the relevant information that you want to transmit broken down and put in a way that you can manage your first impression as well as you can, you get a huge advantage from the other competitors that didn’t put the time into trying to make their clients life easier.

4. Solving problems before your clients know they had it

You already know how valuable your product or service is for your client and if you are long enough in the business you know exactly what kind of objections you will have from the clients and how to solve any of this objections.

So if you can show that you understand all this before your client even know that he is going to think that and present a solution to the problem that your client didn’t even thought he had you are going to become an authority in this person mind and he will trust a lot more on your judgment to show the best thing for him.

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